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hey! if you like MY stuff, you should DEFINITELY check out my friends' art and how they get through their days :D it's awesome!


Animation. (TF or not)
The beginnings of a Short film animation. 9 by thetrans4master
Nya Wee sequnce pt.4 by thetrans4master
My Animation Project Scene 11 pt.1 by thetrans4master
My Animation Project Scene 10 pt.1 by thetrans4master
My Animation Project Scene 7 pt.1 by thetrans4master
My Animation Project Scene 5 pt.3 by thetrans4master
Animated pieces are still new to me so getting them to work is hard. Since I do everything on MS Paint, it also may look a bit odd :( but I really put my all into animating these and it will probably take me a while to do, maybe 2-3 days minimum. Depending on what else I have too. Please provide as much information as possible in order for your commission to be good. :)
Stand alone pictures
Exploring the Catacombs of Fate (Commission) by thetrans4master
These are pictures that can either have a transformation happen (but only a part of it is shown) or basically anything else happening in just the one picture. I put a bit more effort into these because I want to get more experience, but at the same time they're fun and cool to do. So I think 20 points ought to be enough to cover it.
Full 15 page OC Transformation comic.
Litwick TF pt.1 by thetrans4master
Litwick TF pt.7 by thetrans4master
Litwick TF pt.10 by thetrans4master
Litwick TF pt.14 by thetrans4master
A full transformation comic of an OC (that belongs to you alone!) into any fictional character you would like. (please provide a reference picture to both or it won't be done.)
MLP TF comics.
anthro ponies. (TF comic to come) by thetrans4master
Rarity into Rebecca pony to human TF pt.5 by thetrans4master
Chaos and Discord [MLP TF] pt.13 by thetrans4master
Chaos and Discord [MLP TF] pt.9 by thetrans4master
Tempest Stormcloud TF pt.7 by thetrans4master
The mane six MLP girls. [logan's version] by thetrans4master
I've decided that all MLP TF comics from now will cost 10 points each because they're; 1: rare to find many, 2: most of the time people's OC's becoming them or people becoming the pony OC they created and 3: there seems to be a big demand for them. So although that might be a tad annoying, at least it won't cost you much.


Newest Deviations

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If you LOVE Transformations, pokemon, sonic, animals and just random funny stuff, please come in and check out my stuff.
also plze give me a shout in my box down there *points down* I wont bite :D


It Works Too Well by thelatiosmaster

Well, a TG that does not involve a boy becoming a girl, and also an anthro to feral TF. That is great to see, especially in this new fo...


nice to see so many shouts :D
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U are awesome, shout shout
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Shout shout shout
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You like this shoutbox being used, huh?
Sun Aug 10, 2014, 6:58 PM
well at least ppl know about it :D
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 9:15 PM
Dang it's about a month since someone shouted.
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 5:35 AM
Very nice new main picture
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fantastic to see that :)
Fri Jun 6, 2014, 8:54 PM
I am!
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nice to see ppl still using this :)
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way hay the dunken risin put him in a hose pipe till his sober
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Are you though?
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my fav emoticons and things :D

:hug: :tighthug: :glomp:
I :heart::iconkarkatplz: :iconnepetaplz: :iconvriskaplz:
Btw :icondoctorwhoplz:+:iconweirdalplz: + :iconjustparodiezmanplz: = :squee:
:iconrainbowdashplz: :iconfluttershyplz: :iconapplejackplz:
:iconyayamericaplz: :iconyaycanadaplz: :iconyayaustraliaplz:
my BFFs foreverz! yayz! ^^ :iconpeyquinn::iconkittehluvah::iconartooinst::iconderpykay::iconthelatiosmaster::iconcorbynprower::iconmonstermaster13::iconpaulasocar::iconshinypumpkaboo::icondarkbullfrog::iconxlilmittensx::iconnicolethehedgie: :iconthesmearglemaster::iconilovemycat1010:
there are more but I can't fill it up I've got so many ^^

stamps time ^^'.
Friends by muslma are AWESOME ^^'.
Proud2BADoctor Who Freak Stamp by andy-pants till the end of time ;)
I :heart: MLP Rainbow Dash Stamp 3 by Kevfin forever ^^'.
MLP Princess Luna Stamp 3 by Kevfin looks so beautiful too :heart:
TAKE ME TO Aperture Science Stamp by portal-club!
More than TFs by Firework154 I also do stories and try to vary to other things too :)



Gooped tail.
Ribbons Part 2.

Young Tim was always a pokemon lover and eager to catch or inspect any pokemon he found, so when he saw the Sylveon tail he could barely believe his eyes. He hoped that he could catch it or perhaps take a picture of it so he tried to follow it through the bushes. He ran for a while, chasing after the Sylveon as quickly as he could until he lost it from his sights. “Damn it! I was really hoping I might fully see that!” He grumbled, sitting on a dead tree stump. That’s when he realised he was lost. In a forest alone with barely any memory of how to get back. “Aw nuts! How am I going to get home?” He whined, kicking at a small rock.
He decided after a while he should at least find some kind of path or perhaps a river because most of the time rivers lead to civilizations, so he started walking normally for some time. It wasn’t unil an hour later that he came across a clearing in the forest where there appeared to be an old house with a wrecked car at the front and a well for water that was boarded up. ‘Oh thank goodness, at least it’s something. Maybe there’s a map in there that can help me get home.’ Tim thought in hope. He busted the door open with barely any strength and found the place in complete ruins, spiderwebs adorned almost everything, as well as dust, and pieces of broken timber and cobblestone lay on the floor. There was, however, a small chest near the back that caught his eye. “Maybe that chest has a map or food or drink in it.” He mumbled. Walking to it, he carefully opened the chest to find something bizarre. It was a jar of goo that was broken open. “Damn, no map or food.” He was about to close the lid when, without warning, the goo came to life and attached to his arm like a leech. “H-h-hey! Get off me!!” he tried to peel the goo off but that just made it spread to his other hand. Panicking, Tim ran to what looked like a kitchen to find maybe a spatula or something that could peel it off. Before he reached the kitchen, however, he was shocked to find that both of his hands had morphed into  milky white paws that wiggled alive as the goo crawled to his chest and dissolved his shirt slowly. “Arrghhh!! It…It won’t come off! I…I can’t get it off!” He started feeling warm and furry and realized his smelling sense was becoming more accurate as, without knowing it, his face slowly pushed forward to become a canine muzzle.

He tried again to pull it off but only succeeded in tearing some of his pants away and saw, to his surprise, nine long furry tails start to grow from his bottom through the hole he had ripped. “W-what the?! What is th-rowll…rowl? Rowwwl!!” He found himself unable to speak anymore as the changes slowly finished and he fell on all fours as a properly transformed Ninetails. He had lost his mind as a boy and now adapted the wild mind of the handsome kitsune pokemon. Giving a call of surprise he ran off into the woods trying to find some water. Along the way, he almost collided with two hiking girls named Jenniffer and Louanna. The two saw the Ninetails keep running off, wondering what it was so scared of.
Ribbons pt.2 gooped tail!
a collab story with :iconvaporeonsflame:  it's gonna be like a series i guess ^^ it's going to be so much fun :D

hilarious halloween song :D

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:55 PM
The skin's header goes here

and markiplier is in it :O :D ^^!

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We Found the Toilets ^^' by thetrans4master
We Found the Toilets ^^'
originally made by :icondjsonic5: and based on this video:…

Danny is 'flushing himself' into the next chamber and I'm taking a shower hence why I am not seen ^^'. bit embarrassing ^^
Catch the Crazy Bouncing Cube by thetrans4master
Catch the Crazy Bouncing Cube
I havent ever drawn these two before and for a first time i think i did pretty good. This is related to an upcoming vid me and megamandragonoid did which I will add down below once it's uploaded. i think this is funny ^^!


thetrans4master's Profile Picture
Justin T. Hunt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Welcome to my Page everyone :D

a big thank you to the wonderfully talented :iconred-dux: for creating my new profie picture :D



PLEASE READ!!! Commissions are:
10 points for a TF comic +5 points if the comic goes over 20 pages.
8 points for a single Page TF +5 points for the full TF to be shown on the one page.
6 points for a Single page of a OC, or anything non-TF related. +5 points for extra ppl in pic.


~currently, commissions are actually full. along with requests. I cannot garuntee that if you ask me for a commission now that it will be done quickly or right because I have others to do along with work and university work. PLEASE be patient ok guys. I will try and get as many commissions and RQs done as quickly as possible, but it will be hard ok. love ya. ~

My DA family:
My protective, caring Cat mother: :iconxlilmittensx:

My funny, shy Eevee Father :iconcorbynprower:

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:iconarttradeopenplz: Art trades will always be open :)

PLEASE subscribe to my Youtube channel: Dennis7ification.… for those who want to chat to me and RP as well.

thetrans4master is a TF/TG artist who Loves Weird Al Yankovic and hates Justin Bieber... but then again, who doesn't? XD.

hilarious halloween song :D

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 12:55 PM
The skin's header goes here

and markiplier is in it :O :D ^^!

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thetrans4master has started a donation pool!
1,208 / 3,000
If you wanna give points for commissions or just for being nice that would be appreciated :huggle: but I will understand if you don't give any points cuz I know I'm not the best artist out there.

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